what’s the point?

Paul (my selfless, dedicated husband) has put over a year of work into the house (see: before pictures). He took the walls back to the brick, hammered in electric lines, fixed the roof and most importantly, showed up. Every weekend while I was in America, he built our house.

I got here towards the end, there’s a bit more decorating and still no kitchen but it’s a matter of weeks and it’s easy to picture the end result. It’s an interesting living situation but we’re very lucky and I know, in time, we’ll (me) wax nostalgic about these early days in our marriage and I want to have something to look back on. And maybe one day, our future child will complain about something in the house, we can say, well we had to cope with no oven and spent three weeks – three weeks! – peeling paint on a fireplace. So there.


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